‘The Untruth of Reality: The Unacknowledged Realism of Modern Philosophy’ by Jure Simoniti

DOWNLOAD(.epub & .pdf) The common feature of many present-day “new realisms” is a general diagnosis according to which, with Kant, Western philosophy lost any contact with the outside world. In The Untruth of Reality, Jure Simoniti, in contrast, points out the necessary realist side of modern philosophy, arguing that the possibility of realism has alwaysContinue reading “‘The Untruth of Reality: The Unacknowledged Realism of Modern Philosophy’ by Jure Simoniti”

‘Hegel’s Logic as the Exposition of God from the End of the World’ by Jure Simoniti

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The article attempts to reconstruct the logical space within which, at the beginning of Hegel’s Logic, “being” and “nothing” are entitled to emerge and receive their names. In German Idealism, the concept of “being” is linked to the form of a proposition; Fichte grounds a new truth-value on the absolute thesis of the “theticalContinue reading “‘Hegel’s Logic as the Exposition of God from the End of the World’ by Jure Simoniti”

‘True Sacrifice: On Hegel’s Presentation of Self-Consciousness’ by Zdravko Kobe

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The paper provides a modest reading of Hegel’s treatment of self-consciousness in his Phenomenology of Spirit and tries to present it as an integral part of the overall project of the experience of consciousness leading from understanding to reason. Its immediate objective is, it is argued, to think the independence and dependence, that isContinue reading “‘True Sacrifice: On Hegel’s Presentation of Self-Consciousness’ by Zdravko Kobe”

‘Why Psychoanalysis? Three Interventions’ by Alenka Zupančič

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) In Why Psychoanalysis?, Alenka Zupančič outlines the relationship between the ontological, the ethical and the aesthetical spheres of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis. In three bold interventions she investigates the question of Being, Freedom and Comedy. Taking her departure from issues of sex, cause, and horror Zupančič reinterprets Kant’s philosophical categories and outlines a unique theoryContinue reading “‘Why Psychoanalysis? Three Interventions’ by Alenka Zupančič”

‘Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime’ by Bruno Latour

DOWNLOAD(.epub & .pdf) The present ecological mutation has organized the whole political landscape for the last thirty years. This could explain the deadly cocktail of exploding inequalities, massive deregulation, and conversion of the dream of globalization into a nightmare for most people.  What holds these three phenomena together is the conviction, shared by some powerfulContinue reading “‘Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime’ by Bruno Latour”

‘The Great Regression’ edited by Heinrich Geiselberger

DOWNLOAD(.epub) Suddenly we find ourselves in a world that few would have imagined possible just a few years ago, a world that seems to many to be a move backwards. How can we make sense of these dramatic developments and how should we respond to them? Are we witnessing a worldwide rejection of liberal democracyContinue reading “‘The Great Regression’ edited by Heinrich Geiselberger”

What is Education?

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) This book sets itself a difficult and essential task: nothing less than opening a new epoch of thought on the practice of what education is. – Alain Badiou What is education? This volume collects some of the foremost voices in contemporary thought to think through this question from their unique perspectives. Revealing the contentions andContinue reading “What is Education?”

Analysing the Cultural Unconscious: Science of the Signifier

DOWNLOAD(.epub) What are we doing when taking psychoanalysis from the couch to the analysis of society, culture, and arts? How is it possible to do so? How is it possible to move from singular experiences to universal structures detected in culture and society? Could psychoanalysis applied to art works become more sensitive to their aesthetics form?Continue reading “Analysing the Cultural Unconscious: Science of the Signifier”

‘Is it Still Possible to be a Hegelian Today?’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The main feature of the historical thought proper is not “mobilism” (the motif of the fluidification or historical relativization of all forms of life), but the full endorsement of a certain impossibility: after a true historical break, one simply cannot return to the past, one cannot go on as if nothing happened – ifContinue reading “‘Is it Still Possible to be a Hegelian Today?’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘With Hegel Beyond Hegel’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The essayistic nature of Fredric Jameson’s short new book on G. W. F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit should not blind us to the fact that the book offers a systematic interpretation of the entire inner structure of Hegel’s first masterpiece. Although The Hegel Variations comes from someone for whom reading Hegel is like eatingContinue reading “‘With Hegel Beyond Hegel’ by Slavoj Žižek”