‘Infancy and History: The Destruction of Experience’ by Giorgio Agamben

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) How and why did experience and knowledge become separated? Is it possible to talk of an infancy of experience, a “dumb” experience? For Walter Benjamin, the “poverty of experience” was a characteristic of modernity, originating in the catastrophe of the First World War. For Giorgio Agamben, the Italian editor of Benjamin’s complete works, theContinue reading “‘Infancy and History: The Destruction of Experience’ by Giorgio Agamben”

‘Lectures on the Philosophy of World History’ by Georg W. F. Hegel

DOWNLOAD(includes different translations) Lectures on the Philosophy of History, also translated as Lectures on the Philosophy of World History (LPH; German: Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Weltgeschichte, VPW), is a major work by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831), originally given as lectures at the University of Berlin in 1822, 1828, and 1830. It presents world history in terms of the Hegelian philosophy in order to showContinue reading “‘Lectures on the Philosophy of World History’ by Georg W. F. Hegel”

‘Life with Lacan’ by Catherine Millot

DOWNLOAD(.epub) ‘There was a time when I felt that I had grasped Lacan’s essential being from within – that I had gained, as it were, an apperception of his relation to the world, a mysterious access to that intimate place from which sprang his relation to people and things, and even to himself. It was as if IContinue reading “‘Life with Lacan’ by Catherine Millot”

‘Lacan and the Limits of Language’ by Charles Shepherdson

DOWNLOAD This book weaves together three themes at the intersection of Jacques Lacan and the philosophical tradition. The first is the question of time and memory. How do these problems call for a revision of Lacan’s purported “ahistoricism,” and how does the temporality of the subject in Lacan intersect with the questions of temporality initiatedContinue reading “‘Lacan and the Limits of Language’ by Charles Shepherdson”

‘From Desire to Drive: Why Lacan was not Lacanian’ by Slavoj Žižek

1 The predominant reading of Jacques Lacan reduces him to a kind of “philosopher of language” who emphasized the price the subject has to pay in order to gain access to the symbolic order – all the false poetry of “castration,” of some primordial act of sacrifice and renunciation, of jouissance as impossible; the notionContinue reading “‘From Desire to Drive: Why Lacan was not Lacanian’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis’ by Dany Nobus

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) In this classic work, eight crucial Lacanian ideas are explained through detailed exploration of the theoretical and/or practical context in which Lacan introduced them, the way in which they developed throughout his works, and the questions they were designed to answer. The book does not presuppose any familiarity with Lacanian theory onContinue reading “‘Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis’ by Dany Nobus”

‘Interface Fantasy: A Lacanian Cyborg Ontology’ by André Nusselder

DOWNLOAD Cyberspace is first and foremost a mental space. Therefore we need to take a psychological approach to understand our experiences in it. In Interface Fantasy, André Nusselder uses the core psychoanalytic notion of fantasy to examine our relationship to computers and digital technology. Lacanian psychoanalysis considers fantasy to be an indispensable “screen” for ourContinue reading “‘Interface Fantasy: A Lacanian Cyborg Ontology’ by André Nusselder”

‘Oedipus: The Most Crucial Concept in Psychoanalysis’ by Juan-David Nasio

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) In this long-awaited book, Juan-David Nasio, one of France’s leading Lacanian psychoanalysts, argues that the Oedipus complex represents the core of psychoanalysis as well as the fundamental constitution of the human being. Defying contemporary claims of an alleged “death of psychoanalysis,” and in contrast with recent attempts to minimize the relevance of Oedipus forContinue reading “‘Oedipus: The Most Crucial Concept in Psychoanalysis’ by Juan-David Nasio”

Deconstructing Normativity? Re-reading Freud’s 1905 Three Essays

DOWNLOAD Deconstructing Normativity? brings together a unique collection of chapters in which an international selection of contributors reflect on the fundamental and often very radical ideas present in Freud’s original 1905 edition of the Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. The book has three aims: the contextualization of the text, the reconstruction of its central ideasContinue reading “Deconstructing Normativity? Re-reading Freud’s 1905 Three Essays”

‘Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality’ by Sigmund Freud

DOWNLOAD Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (German: Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie), sometimes titled Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, is a 1905 work by Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, in which the author advances his theory of sexuality, in particular its relation to childhood.

‘Sex and the Failed Absolute’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Sex and the Failed Absolute provides nothing short of a new definition of dialectical materialism. Radical new readings of Kant and Hegel sit side by side with lively commentaries on film, politics and culture. And in forging this new materialism, Žižek doesn’t shy away from taking on and analyzing important recent philosophies suchContinue reading “‘Sex and the Failed Absolute’ by Slavoj Žižek”

Sex and Nothing: Bridges from Psychoanalysis to Philosophy

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) From its etymological roots, sex is related to a scission, Latin for sectus, secare, meaning “to divide or cut.” Therefore, regardless of the various studies applied to defining sex as inscribed by discursive acts, i.e. merely a ‘performatively enacted signification,’ there is something more to sex than just a social construction or an aprioristic substance.Continue reading “Sex and Nothing: Bridges from Psychoanalysis to Philosophy”

‘The Last Days of Immanuel Kant’ by Philippe Collin

DOWNLOAD(.mkv) Based on an 1850s essay by Thomas De Quincey, this little-known drama chronicles a short period in life of the great professor/philosopher in his native Konigsberg, leading up to his 1804 demise at age 80. The story looks more at the great thinker’s odd, obsessive lifestyle than it does his philosophies. Kant, an oldContinue reading “‘The Last Days of Immanuel Kant’ by Philippe Collin”

‘Mythology, Madness, and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism’ by Marcus Gabriel & Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism explores some long neglected but crucial themes in German idealism. Markus Gabriel, one of the most exciting young voices in contemporary philosophy, and Slavoj Žižek, the celebrated contemporary philosopher and cultural critic, show how these themes impact on the problematic relations between being and appearance, reflection andContinue reading “‘Mythology, Madness, and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism’ by Marcus Gabriel & Slavoj Žižek”

‘How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read’ by Pierre Bayard

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) I never read a book I must review; it prejudices you so. —OSCAR WILDE If civilized people are expected to have read all important works of literature, and thousands more books are published every year, what are we supposed to do in those awkward social situations in which we’re forced to talkContinue reading “‘How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read’ by Pierre Bayard”

‘Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide’ by Lionel Bailly

DOWNLOAD(.epub) Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to have lived. Building upon the work of Sigmund Freud, he sought to refine Freudian insights with the use of linguistics, arguing that “the structure of unconscious is like a language”. Controversial throughout his lifetime both for adopting mathematical concepts in his psychoanalytic frameworkContinue reading “‘Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide’ by Lionel Bailly”

‘Jacques Lacan’ by Anika Lemaire

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) The work of Jaques Lacan, eminent French psychoanalyst and influential thinker (1901-1981), is recognized as being of vital importance to psychoanalysts, philosophers, and all those concerned with the the study of man and language. Its value is not limited to the field of psychoanalysis alone, but provides the basis for a newContinue reading “‘Jacques Lacan’ by Anika Lemaire”

‘My Teaching’ by Jacques Lacan

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Bringing together three lectures presented to the public by Jacques Lacan at the height of his career, My Teaching is a clear, concise introduction to the thought of the influential psychoanalyst. Drawing on examples from popular culture and common sense, this lively book explores a range of Lacan’s most important ideas, including his debtContinue reading “‘My Teaching’ by Jacques Lacan”

‘The Triumph of Religion: Preceded by Discourse to Catholics’ by Jacques Lacan

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Bruce Fink has provided us with a first-rate translation of two transcripts which many of us in the English world have not had the luxury of reading from Jacques Lacan. The first transcription, entitled “Discourse to Catholics”, was extracted from a short talk that was “open[ed] to the public” and given on March 9thContinue reading “‘The Triumph of Religion: Preceded by Discourse to Catholics’ by Jacques Lacan”

‘A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique’ by Bruce Fink

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) “The goal of my teaching has always been, and remains, to train analysts.” —Jacques Lacan, Seminar XI, 209 Arguably the most profound psychoanalytic thinker since Freud, and deeply influential in many fields, Jacques Lacan often seems opaque to those he most wanted to reach. These are the readers Bruce Fink addresses in this clearContinue reading “‘A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique’ by Bruce Fink”

‘A Clinical Introduction to Freud’ by Bruce Fink

DOWNLOAD(.epub) Often overlooked because he is so easy to mock, ridicule, or just plain misunderstand, Freud introduced many techniques for clinical practice that are still widely employed today. Yet surprisingly, there has never been a clinical introduction to Freud’s work that might be of use to students and professionals in their everyday lives and careers.Continue reading “‘A Clinical Introduction to Freud’ by Bruce Fink”

‘Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique’ by Bruce Fink

DOWNLOAD What does it mean to practice psychoanalysis as Jacques Lacan did? How did Lacan translate his original theoretical insights into moment-to-moment psychoanalytic technique? And what makes a Lacanian approach to treatment different from other approaches? These are among the questions that Bruce Fink, a leading translator and expositor of Lacan’s work, addresses in Fundamentals ofContinue reading “‘Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique’ by Bruce Fink”

‘Lacan to the Letter: Reading Écrits Closely’ by Bruce Fink

DOWNLOAD To read Lacan closely is to follow him to the letter, to take him literally, making the wager that he comes right out and says what he means in many cases, though much of his argument must be reconstructed through a line-by-line examination. And this is precisely what Bruce Fink does in this ambitiousContinue reading “‘Lacan to the Letter: Reading Écrits Closely’ by Bruce Fink”

‘Badiou’: A film by Gorav Kalyan & Rohan Kalyan (2018)

WATCH Nietzsche wrote that any philosophy is always a biography of the thinker. Alain Badiou’s life suggests that the opposite can also be true. From his birth in Morocco, to the events of May 1968 in Paris, to his twilight years as a nomadic public intellectual, philosopher Alain Badiou’s own biography is perhaps his mostContinue reading “‘Badiou’: A film by Gorav Kalyan & Rohan Kalyan (2018)”

Žižek’s Jokes: Did you hear the one about Hegel and negation?

DOWNLOAD “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.”—Ludwig Wittgenstein The good news is that this book offers an entertaining but enlightening compilation of Žižekisms. Unlike any other book by Slavoj Žižek, this compact arrangement of jokes culled from his writings provides an index to certain philosophical, political, and sexualContinue reading “Žižek’s Jokes: Did you hear the one about Hegel and negation?”

‘The Adventure of French Philosophy’ by Alain Badiou

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The Adventure of French Philosophy is essential reading for anyone interested in what Badiou calls the ‘French moment’ in contemporary thought. Badiou explores the exceptionally rich and varied world of French philosophy in a number of groundbreaking essays. Included are the often-quoted review of Louis Althusser’s canonical works For Marx and Reading Capital andContinue reading “‘The Adventure of French Philosophy’ by Alain Badiou”

‘On Beckett’ by Alain Badiou

DOWNLOAD This collection of Alain Badiou’s essays on Samuel Beckett is a deliberate intellectual challenge to conventional Beckett scholarship. These essays trace the development of Beckett’s art—from his first works through the claustrophobic world of The Unnameable to a final engagement with questions of Other and Love. Badiou rejects the stereotypical view of Beckett asContinue reading “‘On Beckett’ by Alain Badiou”

The ‘Beckett on Film’ Project

DOWNLOAD The hugely ambitious Beckett on Film project gathered together 19 different directors to turn the 19 stage works written by Samuel Beckett into films. The range is vast—from the 45-second Breath to the two hours of his most famous play, Waiting for Godot—but all the works reflect Beckett’s penetrating obsessions with memory, regret, and the simple, excruciating experience ofContinue reading “The ‘Beckett on Film’ Project”

‘The Unnamable’ by Samuel Beckett | AudioBook

DOWNLOAD The Unnamable is the third novel in Beckett’s trilogy, three remarkable prose works in which men of increasingly debilitating physical circumstances act, ponder, consider, and rage against impermanence and the human condition. Without doubt the most uncompromising text and it is read here in startling fashion by Sean Barrett.

Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Philosophy of Mind is the third and final part of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences, the collection in which Hegel (1730-1831) offered an overview of his life’s work. Though originally written in 1817, he revised it in 1830, thus providing a finished form the year before his death.  Hegel used the three parts ofContinue reading “Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind”

‘The Century’ by Alain Badiou

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The 20th century has been judged and condemned as the century of totalitarian terror, of utopian and dangerous ideologies, of empty illusions and mass genocides. In this major book Badiou undertakes to re-examine this century through an immanent investigation of the century itself in its unfolding. Contents Search for a Method The Beast TheContinue reading “‘The Century’ by Alain Badiou”

‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by Georg W. F. Hegel

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub) Perhaps one of the most revolutionary works of philosophy ever presented, The Phenomenology of Spirit is Hegel’s 1807 work that is in numerous ways extraordinary. It begins with a Preface, created after the rest of the manuscript was completed, that explains the core of his method and what sets it apart from any preceding philosophy.Continue reading “‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by Georg W. F. Hegel”

‘On Being Normal and Other Disorders’ by Paul Verhaeghe

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Winner of the 2005 Goethe Award in Psychoanalytic Scholarship The central argument of On Being Normal and Other Disorders is that psychic identity is acquired through one’s primary intersubjective relationships. Thus, the diagnosis of potential pathologies must also be founded on this relation. Given that the efficacy of all forms of treatment depends uponContinue reading “‘On Being Normal and Other Disorders’ by Paul Verhaeghe”

The merchant’s freedom: Žižek’s theory of the market in Less than nothing.

In a chapter in Less than nothing titled “Hegel versus Nietzsche”, pages 194-199, and later continued into “Struggle and Reconciliation”, pages 199-206, we’re able to find and read a few suprising passages by Žižek regarding a theory of the market. The term merchant itself is mentioned just three times in the entirety of this bookContinue reading “The merchant’s freedom: Žižek’s theory of the market in Less than nothing.”

‘Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub, .doc) For the last two centuries, Western philosophy has developed in the shadow of Hegel, an influence each new thinker struggles to escape. As a consequence, Hegel’s absolute idealism has become the bogeyman of philosophy, obscuring the fact that he is the defining philosopher of the historical transition to modernity, a period withContinue reading “‘Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Both the hard right and liberal left are steeped in racism and its legacy. The hope for change comes from elsewhere by’ Slavoj Žižek

The world order as we knew it is disintegrating. Countries are cutting links with the World Health Organisation and other international bodies. They are revoking old armament agreements. Donald Trump announced his intention to use the US army on the streets of his own cities; China talks about a possible military invasion of Taiwan; Valdimir Putin says that Russia may useContinue reading “‘Both the hard right and liberal left are steeped in racism and its legacy. The hope for change comes from elsewhere by’ Slavoj Žižek”

‘American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army’ by Fredric Jameson & Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Fredric Jameson’s pathbreaking essay An American Utopia radically questions standard leftist notions of what constitutes an emancipated society. Advocated here are—among other things—universal conscription, the full acknowledgment of envy and resentment as a fundamental challenge to any communist society, and the acceptance that the division between work and leisure cannot be overcome.Continue reading “‘American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army’ by Fredric Jameson & Slavoj Žižek”

Do people still read? A minor reflection.

Remembering recent proclamations in the local media about the dying of book culture, I believe that this is an interesting phenomena to some extent; while literacy has on the one hand exploded and the general population receives a relatively high degree of education, with just about everyone out there waving a diploma these days, althoughContinue reading “Do people still read? A minor reflection.”

‘Nietzsche Apostle’ by Peter Sloterdijk

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Peter Sloterdijk’s essay on Friedrich Nietzsche and the benefits and dangers of narcissistic jubilation. For Peter Sloterdijk, Friedrich Nietzsche represents nothing short of a “catastrophe in the history of language”—a new evangelist for a linguistics of narcissistic jubilation. Nietzsche offered a philosophical declaration of independence from humility, a meeting-point of sobriety and megalomania thatContinue reading “‘Nietzsche Apostle’ by Peter Sloterdijk”

‘Love in a Time of Loneliness: Three Essays on Drives and Desires’ by Paul Verhaeghe

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) In Love in a Time of Loneliness, Paul Verhaeghe goes in search of the things that motivate us most yet paralyze us at the same time: love and sexuality. What has changed over recent decades in the ways the two sexes relate to each other? That question is the starting point for three criticalContinue reading “‘Love in a Time of Loneliness: Three Essays on Drives and Desires’ by Paul Verhaeghe”

Feminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the Ecole Freudienne

DOWNLOAD Psychoanalysis is certainly one of the most contested areas of debate within feminism. This book presents articles on feminine sexuality by Lacan and members of the ecole freudienne, the school of psychoanalysis that Lacan directed in Paris from 1964 to 1980. The question of feminine sexuality has divided the psychoanalytic movement since the 1920s. DespiteContinue reading “Feminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the Ecole Freudienne”

In Dora’s Case: Freud, Hysteria, Feminism

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Freud invented psychoanalysis between 1895 and 1900 on the basis of his clinical experience with hysterical patients, most of them women. The most provocative and intriguing of these patients was Ida Bauer, whom Freud named Dora when he published her case history as Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria. This anthologyContinue reading “In Dora’s Case: Freud, Hysteria, Feminism”

‘The Unconscious’ by Sigmund Freud

DOWNLOAD(.epub) One of Freud’s central achievements was to demonstrate how unacceptable thoughts and feelings are repressed into the unconscious, from where they continue to exert a decisive influence over our lives. This volume contains a key statement about evidence for the unconscious, and how it works, as well as major essays on all the fundamentalsContinue reading “‘The Unconscious’ by Sigmund Freud”

‘The Wolfman and Other Cases’ by Sigmund Freud

DOWNLOAD(.epub) When a disturbed young Russian man came to Freud for treatment, the analysis of his childhood neuroses—most notably a dream about wolves outside his bedroom window—eventually revealed a deep-seated trauma. It took more than four years to treat him, and “The Wolfman” became one of Freud’s most famous cases. This volume also contains theContinue reading “‘The Wolfman and Other Cases’ by Sigmund Freud”

‘The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance’ by Bruce Fink

DOWNLOAD This book presents the radically new theory of subjectivity found in the work of Jacques Lacan. Against the tide of post-structuralist thinkers who announce “the death of the subject,” Bruce Fink explores what it means to come into being as a subject where impersonal forces once reigned, subjectify the alien roll of the diceContinue reading “‘The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance’ by Bruce Fink”

‘Why Todestrieb is a Philosophical Concept’ by Slavoj Žižek

Sigmund Freud introduces his notorious concept of the ‘Todestrieb’, the ‘death drive’ in his famous essay ‘Jenseits des Lustprinzips’ (‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’) of 1920. This text has intrigued and puzzled many readers as it relates the death drive to both the so-called ‘Nirvana principle’ aiming at a state without tension and the repetition compulsion,Continue reading “‘Why Todestrieb is a Philosophical Concept’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘The Psychology of Love’ by Sigmund Freud

DOWNLOAD(.epub) Freud’s landmark writings on love and sexuality—including the famous case study of Dora—newly translated and in one volume for the first time. This original collection brings together the most important writings on the psychology of love by one of the great thinkers of the twentieth century. Sigmund Freud’s discussions of the ways in whichContinue reading “‘The Psychology of Love’ by Sigmund Freud”

‘Civilization and Its Discontents’ by Sigmund Freud

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub) In what remains one of his most seminal papers, Freud considers the incompatibility of civilisation and individual happiness, and the tensions between the claims of society and the individual. We all know that living in civilised groups means sacrificing a degree of personal interest, but couldn’t you argue that it in fact createsContinue reading “‘Civilization and Its Discontents’ by Sigmund Freud”

‘Lacan & Science’ edited by Jason Glynos

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The current volume represents an exciting collection of essays critically examining the relation between modern science and Lacanian psychoanalysis in approaching the question of mental suffering. Lacan & Science also tackles more widely the role and logic of scientific practice in general, taking as its focus psychic processes. Central themes that are explored from a varietyContinue reading “‘Lacan & Science’ edited by Jason Glynos”

‘What Happened in the 20th Century?’ by Peter Sloterdijk

DOWNLOAD(.epub) When we look back from the vantage point of the 21st century and ask ourselves what the previous century was all about, what do we see? Our first inclination is to focus on historical events: the 20th century was the age of two devastating world wars, of totalitarian regimes and terrible atrocities like theContinue reading “‘What Happened in the 20th Century?’ by Peter Sloterdijk”

‘In the World Interior of Capital: Towards a Philosophical Theory of Globalization’ by Peter Sloterdijk

DOWNLOAD(.epub & .pdf) Displaying the distinctive combination of narration and philosophy for which he is well known, this book by Peter Sloterdijk develops a radical account of globalization at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The author takes seriously the historical and philosophical consequences of the notion of the earth as a globe, arriving atContinue reading “‘In the World Interior of Capital: Towards a Philosophical Theory of Globalization’ by Peter Sloterdijk”

Hegel and Resistance: History, Politics and Dialectics

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub) The concept of resistance has always been central to the reception of Hegel’s philosophy. The prevalent image of Hegel’s system, which continues to influence the scholarship to this day, is that of an absolutist, monist metaphysics which overcomes all resistance, sublating or assimilating all differences into a single organic ‘Whole’. For that reason,Continue reading “Hegel and Resistance: History, Politics and Dialectics”

Hegel, Logic and Speculation

DOWNLOAD This book offers new critical perspectives on the relationship between the notions of speculation, logic and reality in Hegel’s thought as basis for his philosophical account of nature, history, spirit and human experience. The systematic functions of logic and pure thought are explored in their concrete forms and processual progression from subjective spirit toContinue reading “Hegel, Logic and Speculation”

‘Kant’s Life and Thought’ by Ernst Cassirer

DOWNLOAD First published in 1918, Kant’s Life and Thought has become a classic of its kind. Now available for the first time in English, this edition of Cassirer’s study includes an introduction by Stephan Körner which places it in the context of contemporary Kant scholarship. “Here is the first Kant-biography in English since Paulsen’s and Cassirer’s onlyContinue reading “‘Kant’s Life and Thought’ by Ernst Cassirer”

‘Ambedkar and Other Immortals: An Untouchable Research Programme’ by Soumyabrata Choudhury

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Ambedkar and Other Immortals produces urgent interpretive realignments which provoke in us the capacity to receive a new, vital wound of thinking: the wound of Ambedkar-thought. In the same way Althusser’s work marked a philosophical return to Marx, and Lacan’s to Freud, Choudhury makes a ‘return’ to Ambedkar guided through by Alain Badiou’s philosophicalContinue reading “‘Ambedkar and Other Immortals: An Untouchable Research Programme’ by Soumyabrata Choudhury”

‘The Open: Man and Animal’ by Giorgio Agamben

DOWNLOAD The end of human history is an event that has been foreseen or announced by both messianics and dialecticians. But who is the protagonist of that history that is coming—or has come—to a close? What is man? How did he come on the scene? And how has he maintained his privileged place as theContinue reading “‘The Open: Man and Animal’ by Giorgio Agamben”

‘The Animal That Therefore I Am’ by Jacques Derrida

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) The Animal That Therefore I Am is the translation of the complete text of Jacques Derrida’s ten-hour address to the 1997 Cérisy conference entitled “The Autobiographical Animal,” the third of four such colloquia on his work. The book was assembled posthumously on the basis of two published sections, one written and recordedContinue reading “‘The Animal That Therefore I Am’ by Jacques Derrida”

‘Understanding psychoanalysis’ by Matthew Sharpe & Joanne Faulkner

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Understanding Psychoanalysis presents a broad introduction to the key concepts and developments in psychoanalysis and its impact on modern thought. Charting pivotal moments in the theorization and reception of psychoanalysis, the book provides a comprehensive account of the concerns and development of Freud’s work, as well as his most prominent successors, MelanieContinue reading “‘Understanding psychoanalysis’ by Matthew Sharpe & Joanne Faulkner”

‘Function beyond Function? Reflections on the Functionality of the Autonomous’ by Mladen Dolar

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) What purpose does music serve? Of all the arts, music has always seemed to be the most autonomous, free from the bonds and limits of representation. Hence its functionality within this very autonomy or non-functionality: its link with the sacred, elevation over the economics of survival, its ritual value. This traditional view was broughtContinue reading “‘Function beyond Function? Reflections on the Functionality of the Autonomous’ by Mladen Dolar”

‘Hegel on Possibility: Dialectics, Contradiction, and Modality’ by Nahum Brown

DOWNLOAD Providing a clear interpretation of Hegel’s characterizations of possibility and actuality in the Science of Logic, this book departs from the standard understandings of these concepts to break new ground in Hegelian scholarship. The book draws out some of the implications of Hegel’s view of immanent possibility, especially as it relates to Leibniz’s thesis ofContinue reading “‘Hegel on Possibility: Dialectics, Contradiction, and Modality’ by Nahum Brown”

‘Disparities’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) The concept of disparity has long been a topic of obsession and argument for philosophers but Slavoj Žižek would argue that what disparity and negativity could mean, might mean and should mean for us and our lives has never been more hotly debated. Disparities explores contemporary ‘negative’ philosophies from Catherine Malabou’s plasticity, JuliaContinue reading “‘Disparities’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility’ by Kojin Karatani

DOWNLOAD(.epub) Originally published in 1974, Kojin Karatani’s Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility has been amongst his most enduring and pioneering works in critical theory. Written at a time when the political sequences of the New Left had collapsed into crisis and violence, with widespread political exhaustion for the competing sectarian visions of Marxism fromContinue reading “‘Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility’ by Kojin Karatani”

‘Machiavelli and Us’ by Louis Althusser

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) “We do not publish our own drafts, that is, our own mistakes, but we do sometimes publish other people’s,” Louis Althusser once observed of Marx’s early writings. Among his own posthumously released drafts, one, at least, is incontestably neither mistake nor out-take: the text of his lecture course on Machiavelli, originally delivered at theContinue reading “‘Machiavelli and Us’ by Louis Althusser”

‘Machiavelli in the Making’ by Claude Lefort

DOWNLOAD Machiavelli in the Making is both a novel interpretation of the Florentine’s work and a critical document for understanding influential French scholar and public intellectual Claude Lefort’s later writings on democracy and totalitarianism. Lefort extricates Machiavelli’s thought from the dominant interpretations of him as the founder of “objective” political science, which, having liberated itselfContinue reading “‘Machiavelli in the Making’ by Claude Lefort”

‘Not Even a God Can Save Us Now: Reading Machiavelli after Heidegger’ by Brian Harding

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The interplay between violence, religion, and politics is a crucial problem societies have to deal with, which has attracted the attention of various philosophers, including Martin Heidegger, Jacques Derrida, and René Girard. Centuries earlier these same problems drew interest of Niccolò Machiavelli during the Italian Renaissance. In a new and highly provocative approach, NotContinue reading “‘Not Even a God Can Save Us Now: Reading Machiavelli after Heidegger’ by Brian Harding”

‘Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche: or, the Realm of Shadows’ by Henri Lefebvre

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Lefebvre pioneered a French reading of Nietzsche that rejected the philosopher’s appropriation by fascism, bringing out the tragic implications of Nietzsche’s proclamation that ‘God is dead’ long before this approach was followed by such later writers as Foucault, Derrida and Deleuze. Forty years later, in the last of his philosophical writings, LefebvreContinue reading “‘Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche: or, the Realm of Shadows’ by Henri Lefebvre”

‘The Birth of Theory’ by Andrew Cole

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub) Modern theory needs a history lesson. Neither Marx nor Nietzsche first gave us theory—Hegel did. To support this contention, Andrew Cole’s The Birth of Theory presents a refreshingly clear and lively account of the origins and legacy of Hegel’s dialectic as theory. Cole explains how Hegel boldly broke from modern philosophy when he adopted medievalContinue reading “‘The Birth of Theory’ by Andrew Cole”

‘Valences of the Dialectic’ by Fredric Jameson

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) After half a century exploring dialectical thought, renowned cultural critic Fredric Jameson presents a comprehensive study of a misunderstood yet vital strain in Western philosophy. The dialectic, the concept of the evolution of an idea through conflicts arising from its inherent contradictions, transformed two centuries of Western philosophy. To Hegel, who dominated nineteenth-century thought,Continue reading “‘Valences of the Dialectic’ by Fredric Jameson”

‘The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Two’ by Alenka Zupančič

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The Shortest Shadow counters the currently fashionable appropriation of Nietzsche as a philosopher who was “ahead of his time” but whose time has finally come — the rather patronizing reduction of his often extraordinary statements to mere opinions that we can “share.” Zupančič argues that the definitive Nietzschean quality is his very unfashionableness, hisContinue reading “‘The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Two’ by Alenka Zupančič”

‘Why Marx Was Right’ by Terry Eagleton

DOWNLOAD(.pdf, .epub & .mobi) In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. Taking ten of the most common objections to Marxism—that it leads to political tyranny, that it reduces everything to the economic, that it is a form of historical determinism, and so on—heContinue reading “‘Why Marx Was Right’ by Terry Eagleton”

‘Who is Nietzsche?’ by Alain Badiou

What is the true centre of Nietzsche’s thought? Or: what is it that Nietzsche calls “philosophy”? I believe it is essential to understand that, for Nietzsche, what he calls “philosophy” is not an interpretation, is not an analysis, is not a theory. When philosophy is interpretation, analysis, or theory, it is nothing but a variantContinue reading “‘Who is Nietzsche?’ by Alain Badiou”

‘Ninotchka’ (1939) by Ernst Lubitsch

DOWNLOAD Ninotchka is a 1939 American comedy film made for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer by producer and director Ernst Lubitsch and starring Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas. It was written by Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, and Walter Reisch, based on a screen story by Melchior Lengyel. Ninotchka is Greta Garbo’s first full comedy, and her penultimate film. It is one of the first American movies which, under the cover of a satirical, light romance, depicted the SovietContinue reading “‘Ninotchka’ (1939) by Ernst Lubitsch”

‘A Brief Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory’ by Stephen Frosh

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Psychoanalytic theory remains hugely influential to our understanding of the mind and human behaviour. It provides a rich source of ideas for therapeutic practice, while offering dramatic insights for the study of culture and society. This comprehensive review of the field: Explores the birth of psychoanalysis, taking the reader step by stepContinue reading “‘A Brief Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory’ by Stephen Frosh”

‘The Philosophy of Marx’ by Étienne Balibar

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) In The Philosophy of Marx, Étienne Balibar provides an accessible introduction to Marx and his key followers, complete with pedagogical information for the student to make the most challenging areas of theory easy to understand. Examining all the key areas of Marx’s writings in their wider historical and theoretical context—including the concepts of class struggle, ideology, humanism, progress, determinism,Continue reading “‘The Philosophy of Marx’ by Étienne Balibar”

‘A Spinoza Reader: The Ethics and Other Works’ by Benedictus de Spinoza

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) This anthology of the work of Baruch de Spinoza (1632-1677) presents the text of Spinoza’s masterwork, the Ethics, in what is now the standard translation by Edwin Curley. Also included are selections from other works by Spinoza, chosen by Curley to make the Ethics easier to understand, and a substantial introduction that gives an overview of Spinoza’sContinue reading “‘A Spinoza Reader: The Ethics and Other Works’ by Benedictus de Spinoza”

‘The Mana of Mass Society’ by William Mazzarella

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) We often invoke the “magic” of mass media to describe seductive advertising or charismatic politicians. In The Mana of Mass Society, William Mazzarella asks what happens to social theory if we take that idea seriously. How would it change our understanding of publicity, propaganda, love, and power? Mazzarella reconsiders the concept of “mana,” which served inContinue reading “‘The Mana of Mass Society’ by William Mazzarella”

‘Lenin, Religion, and Theology’ by Roland Boer

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) This book pursues the implications for linking Lenin with theology, which is not a project that has been undertaken thus far. What does this inveterate atheist known for describing religion as ‘spiritual booze’ (a gloss on Marx’s ‘opium of the people’) have to do with theology? This book reveals far more than might initiallyContinue reading “‘Lenin, Religion, and Theology’ by Roland Boer”

Slavoj Žižek’s formula for saving the world

This is not an easy time for Slavoj Žižek. Quite the opposite, and he’s the first to admit it. Reoccurring panic attacks incapacitate him for hours at a time and, unlike in the past, the nights have stopped providing him with an easy escape. His sleep is wracked by nightmares of what the future holdsContinue reading “Slavoj Žižek’s formula for saving the world”

Slavoj Žižek: “The ordeal we face is not lockdown and isolation, but what happens when our societies start to move again”

Authoritarians are exploiting this crisis, writes Slavoj Žižek. If China succeeds in Hong Kong, the violent takeover of Taiwan could be the next step – then a full scale Pacific war In a documentary on life in the Chernobyl zone after the accident, an ordinary farmers’ family is shown simply continuing to live in theirContinue reading “Slavoj Žižek: “The ordeal we face is not lockdown and isolation, but what happens when our societies start to move again””

‘Sovereignty, Inc.: Three Inquiries in Politics and Enjoyment’

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) What does the name Trump stand for? If branding now rules over the production of value, as the coauthors of Sovereignty, Inc. argue, then Trump assumes the status of a master brand whose primary activity is the compulsive work of self-branding—such is the new sovereignty business in which, whether one belongs to his baseContinue reading “‘Sovereignty, Inc.: Three Inquiries in Politics and Enjoyment’”

‘The Royal Remains: The People’s Two Bodies and the Endgames of Sovereignty’ by Eric L. Santner

DOWNLOAD “The king is dead. Long live the king!” In early modern Europe, the king’s body was literally sovereign—and the right to rule was immediately transferrable to the next monarch in line upon the king’s death. In The Royal Remains, Eric L. Santner argues that the “carnal” dimension of the structures and dynamics of sovereignty hasn’tContinue reading “‘The Royal Remains: The People’s Two Bodies and the Endgames of Sovereignty’ by Eric L. Santner”

‘The Neighbor: Three Inquiries in Political Theology’ by Slavoj Žižek, Eric L. Santner & Kenneth Reinhard

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) In Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud made abundantly clear what he thought about the biblical injunction, first articulated in Leviticus 19:18 and then elaborated in Christian teachings, to love one’s neighbor as oneself. “Let us adopt a naive attitude towards it,” he proposed, “as though we were hearing it for the first time;Continue reading “‘The Neighbor: Three Inquiries in Political Theology’ by Slavoj Žižek, Eric L. Santner & Kenneth Reinhard”

‘A Discourse on Method’ by René Descartes

DOWNLOAD The Discourse on the Method is a philosophical and mathematical treatise published by René Descartes in 1637. Its full name is Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Searching for Truth in the Sciences (French title: Discours de la méthode pour bien conduire sa raison, et chercher la verité dans lesContinue reading “‘A Discourse on Method’ by René Descartes”

‘Philosophical Essays and Correspondence’ by René Descartes

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) This volume includes all major works by Descartes in their entirety, important selections from his lesser known writings, and key selections from his philosophical correspondence. The result is an anthology that enables the reader to understand the development of Descartes’s thought over his lifetime. Includes a biographical Introduction, chronology, bibliography, and index.

‘The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes’

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Between the years 1643 and 1649, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618–80) and René Descartes (1596–1650) exchanged fifty-eight letters—thirty-two from Descartes and twenty-six from Elisabeth. Their correspondence contains the only known extant philosophical writings by Elisabeth, revealing her mastery of metaphysics, analytic geometry, and moral philosophy, as well as her keen interest in natural philosophy.Continue reading “‘The Correspondence between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and René Descartes’”

‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

DOWNLOAD(.epub, .pdf) A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcize this spectre: Pope and Czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police spies. . . Originally published on the eve of the 1848 European revolutions, The Communist ManifestoContinue reading “‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels”

‘Jacques, the Sophist: Lacan, Logos and Psychoanalysis’ by Barbara Cassin

DOWNLOAD Sophistry, since Plato and Aristotle, has been philosophy’s negative alter ego, its bad other. Yet sophistry’s emphasis on words and performativity over the fetishization of truth makes it an essential part of our world’s cultural, political, and philosophical repertoire. In this dazzling book, Barbara Cassin, who has done more than anyone to reclaim a modeContinue reading “‘Jacques, the Sophist: Lacan, Logos and Psychoanalysis’ by Barbara Cassin”

‘Cogito and the Unconscious’ edited by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.epub & .pdf) The Cartesian cogito—the principle articulated by Descartes that “I think, therefore I am”—is often hailed as the precursor of modern science. At the same time, the cogito’s agent, the ego, is sometimes feared as the agency of manipulative domination responsible for all present woes, from patriarchal oppression to ecological catastrophes. Without psychoanalyzingContinue reading “‘Cogito and the Unconscious’ edited by Slavoj Žižek”

‘The Seminar of Alain Badiou: Nietzsche’s Anti-Philosophy I, 1992-1993’ by Wanyoung E. Kim

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) It is common knowledge that Nietzsche is very critical of traditional philosophy and strongly opposes a number of (if not all) philosophers, but Alain Badiou goes beyond this claim to interpret and classify Nietzsche as an “antiphilosopher.” As such, Badiou’s interpretation belongs to the vast literature focusing on Nietzsche’s critique of metaphysics and truth.Continue reading “‘The Seminar of Alain Badiou: Nietzsche’s Anti-Philosophy I, 1992-1993’ by Wanyoung E. Kim”

In Defense of Julian Assange

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) After being forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange is now in a high security prison in London where he faces extradition to the United States and imprisonment for the rest of his life. The charges Assange faces are a major threat to press freedom. James Goodale, who represented the New York Times in theContinue reading “In Defense of Julian Assange”