‘The Unconscious’ by Sigmund Freud | AudioBook

DOWNLOAD(.mp3) This Penguin Classic is performed by Michael Pennington, one of the founders of the English Shakespeare Company, known for his stage work with the RSC, and who played Carl Jung in the BBC drama, Freud. This definitive recording includes an introduction by Mark Cousins.   One of Freud’s central achievements was to demonstrate how unacceptable thoughtsContinue reading “‘The Unconscious’ by Sigmund Freud | AudioBook”

‘Violence: Six Sideways Reflections’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Does the advent of capitalism and, indeed, civilisation cause more violence than it prevents? Is there violence in the simple idea of ‘the neighbour’? And could the appropriate form of action against violence simply be to contemplate, to think? In this passionate plea for awareness, Žižek turns his unflinching gaze on theContinue reading “‘Violence: Six Sideways Reflections’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Žižek and Law’ by Laurent de Sutter

DOWNLOAD(.epub) The very first book dedicated to Slavoj Žižek’s theoretical treatment of law, this book gathers widely recognized Žižek scholars as well as legal theorists to offer a sustained analysis of the place of law in Žižek’s work. Whether it is with reference to symbolic law, psychoanalytical law, religious law, positive law, human rights, toContinue reading “‘Žižek and Law’ by Laurent de Sutter”

‘The Rise of Obscene Masters: Taking Donald Trump Seriously’ by Slavoj Žižek

Not such a long time ago, in a galaxy that now appears far, far away, the public space was clearly distinguished from the obscenities of private exchanges. Today, however, not only we can read in the mass media about the intimate details of public personalities, populist politicians themselves often regress to shameless obscenity. It isContinue reading “‘The Rise of Obscene Masters: Taking Donald Trump Seriously’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Slavoj Žižek: Live Theory’ by Rex Butler

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Slavoj Žižek is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading cultural critics. His witty, psychoanalytically-inspired analyses of contemporary society have almost single-handedly revived the notion of ideology. His brilliant commentaries on the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and the 19th century German Idealists have brought alive their often difficult ideas for a new generation of readers.Continue reading “‘Slavoj Žižek: Live Theory’ by Rex Butler”

‘Slavoj Žižek: A Little Piece of the Real’ By Matthew Sharpe

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Slavoj Žižek has emerged as the pre-eminent European cultural theorist of the last decade and has been described as the ultimate Marxist/Lacanian cultural studies scholar. His large and growing body of work has generated considerable controversy, yet his texts are not structured as standard academic tomes. In Slavoj Žižek: A Little Piece of theContinue reading “‘Slavoj Žižek: A Little Piece of the Real’ By Matthew Sharpe”

‘The Universal Exception’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) The Universal Exception is the second volume of the selected writings of Slavoj Žižek-one of the most provocative and inspiring writers on culture at work today. Bringing together a broad selection of Žižek’s major writings on politics, The Universal Exception showcases Žižek’s formidable range of interests and his style. The book includes his interventionsContinue reading “‘The Universal Exception’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Interrogating the Real’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Interrogating the Real is the first volume of the collected writings of Slavoj Žižek – undoubtedly one of the world’s leading contemporary cultural commentators, and one of the most inspiring, provocative and entertaining cultural critics at work today. Drawing upon the full range of his prolific output, the articles here cover psychoanalysis, philosophyContinue reading “‘Interrogating the Real’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘How to Read Lacan’ by Slavoj Žižek

DOWNLOAD(.pdf) Lacan’s motto of the ethics of psychoanalysis involves a profound paradox. Traditionally, psychoanalysis was expected to allow the patient to overcome the obstacles which prevented access to “normal” sexual enjoyment; today, however, we are bombarded by different versions of the injunction “Enjoy!” Psychoanalysis is the only discourse in which you are allowed not toContinue reading “‘How to Read Lacan’ by Slavoj Žižek”

‘Concept and Form / Cahiers pour l’Analyse’ by Peter Hallward and Knox Peden

DOWNLOAD(.pdf & .epub) Concept and Form is a two-volume monument to the work of the philosophy journal the Cahiers pour l’Analyse (1966–69), the most ambitious and radical collective project to emerge from French structuralism. Inspired by their teachers Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan, the editors of the Cahiers sought to sever philosophy from the interpretation of given meanings or experiences,Continue reading “‘Concept and Form / Cahiers pour l’Analyse’ by Peter Hallward and Knox Peden”