300.000vk Music Side-Project

Due to interruptions caused by apparent technical problems on the Facebook platform, which are more probably obscure ways of censorship, the TheoryReader project has lately come to a halt. The previous Facebook page and group have been lost, and a new page and a new group have been set up instead, but the obstruction of the project on the platform continues for now, greatly decreasing traffic from that source. The barricade continues for at least the next 10 days.

Meanwhile, the owner of this site has faced other difficulties in his personal life, including a continued lack of funds for basic survival needs, such as apartment expenses, so any donation would be welcome, since these have been few and scarse lately, even when the traffic on the TheoryReader platform hasn’t been doing that badly by itself.

But beyond this, a music collaboration has been created in the past three years by the creator of TheoryReader with 300.000vk, a music project which has begun at least four decades ago, together with the creation of Laibach, but more on the experimental side. A webpage has been set up, together with a YouTube channel, and an official release of Der Sturm album by 300.000vk is planned to be released very soon on CD and Vinyl.

For those of you who appreciate the continued existence of TheoryReader, I welcome you all to either 1) donate to show financial support of the project, 2) subscribe to the new YouTube channel of the 300.000vk music side-project.

For more info see 300000vk.org and YouTube.

Thank you,
Simon Gros

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