Mark Fisher and Our Contemporary Moment: Is There Still No Alternative?

Nina Power and Mladen Dolar in conversation with Gregor Moder

Nina Power is a writer and Philosopher. She is the author of One-Dimensional Woman (Zero books 2009) and the forthcoming What Do Men Want? (Penguin 2022). She teaches at multiple institutions, including The Mary Ward Centre, GCAS College Dublin and IndieThinkers.

Mladen Dolar is one of the founders of the ‘Ljubljana Lacanian School’ and a professor of philosophy in the University of Ljubljana. His recent books include Being and its Double (DTP 2017) and Staging Concepts: Writings on Art (Maska 2019). His new book The Riskiest Moment is forthcoming with Duke University Press.

Gregor Moder is a philosopher and a former performer. He works as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Ljubljana and is the author of Hegel and Spinoza: Substance and Negativity (Northwestern UP 2017). Currently, he is coediting a volume on the Ethics of Ernst Lubitsch, forthcoming with R&L, and is book editor at Maska publishing house.

15. 10. 2021, Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljana Organised by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (in the frame of Indigo Festival) & Maska Ljubljanaž

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