‘Love without Mercy’ by Slavoj Žižek

Video and audio recordings of a paper delivered by Slavoj Žižek titled Love without Mercy at Deitch Projects in New York City, United States on 10th March 2003 in conjunction with the publication of Lacanian Ink 21. Lacanian Ink is a cultural magazine which focuses on the teachings of French psychoanalyst published biannually in New York and edited by Josefina Ayerza.

“Perhaps, there is no greater love than that of a revolutionary couple,” wrote Žižek at the time, “where each of the two lovers is ready to abandon the other at any moment if revolution demands it. It is along these lines that one should look for the non-perverse reading of Christ’s sacrifice, of his message to Judas: ‘Prove to me that I am everything to you, SO BETRAY ME on behalf of the revolutionary mission of both of us!’”.

Slavoj Žižek is a Philosopher and Psychoanalytic social theorist. He is Senior Researcher at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana; Professor at the School of Law and Director of the Institute for the Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London; Distinguished Scholar at the Kyung Hee University, Seoul; and Visiting Professor at the German Department, New York University. His field of work comprises Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, dialectical-materialist metaphysical interpretations of German Idealism and Marxian critique of ideology. His more than sixty books in English have been widely translated. His latest publications include Pandemic! & Pandemic! 2, Hegel in a Wired Brain, Sex and the Failed Absolute, Like A Thief In Broad DaylightReading MarxIncontinence of the Void, and The Day After the Revolution.

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