‘LAIBACH: A Film From Slovenia’ by Chris Bohn, Daniel Landin & Peter Vezjak

The .mkv file download includes English subtitles.


LAIBACH: A Film From Slovenia provides a glimpse into the enigma of the industrial punk band Laibach formed in 1980’s Yugoslavia more than four decades ago. Here Laibach describe their work in their own words; giving a sense of their music and drama, as well as a glimpse of the post-Yugoslav and Slovene influences that created the band. Directed by Daniel Landin and Peter Vezjak, with a minor appearance and commentary by a young philosopher Slavoj Žižek, LAIBACH: A Film From Slovenia music documentary film was written by Chris Bohn and originally made for Slovene National television RTV in 1993. The band offer a new sound to several classics from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Among the 17 renditions included in the film are Across the Universe, Sympathy for the Devil, Kinderreich, Fiat and The Great Seal. The “Occupied Europe NATO Tour” (Tracks 1 to 13) were recorded live on 26th October 1995 at The Dakota DC 3 venue in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Used to be sold as a VHS cassette in the Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95 limited edition box set.

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