Lacanian Theory of Discourse: Subject, Structure and Society

Published by New York University Press in 1997.


This collection introduces and develops Lacanian thought concerning the relations among language, subjectivity, and society and provides an account of how language both interacts with and constitutes structures of subjectivity, producing specific attitudes and behaviors as well as significant social effects.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Mark Braeher

Part I. The Real and the Subject of Discourse
1. The Subject of Discourse: Reading Lacan through (and beyond) Post-structuralist Contexts by Marshall W. Alcorn, Jr.
2. A Hair of the Dog That Bit You by Slavoj Žižek
3. Extimite by Jacques-Alain Miller
4. Otherness of the Body by Serge Andre

Part II. Discourse Structures and Subject Structures
5. On the Psychological and Social Functions of Language: Lacan’s Theory of the Four Discourses by Mark Bracher
6. Hysterical Discourse: Between the Belief in Man and the Cult of Woman by Julien Quackelbeen et al.
7. Discourse Structure and Subject Structure in Neurosis by Alexandre Stevens and Christian Vereeeken et al.
8. The Other in Hysteria and Obsession by Alicia Arenas et at.
9. Con-jugating and Playing-with the Fantasy: The Utterances of the Analyst by Nestor A. Braunstein

Part III. Discourse and Society
10. Deference to the Great Other: The Discourse of Education by Renata Salecl
11. “I Don’t Know What Happened”: Political Oppression and Psychological Structure by Luz Casenave et al.
12. On Blasphemy: Religion and Psychological Structure by Miguel Bassols and German L. Garcia et al.
13. The Discourse of Gangs in the Stake of Male Repression and Narcissism by Willy Apollon

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