‘An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis’ by Dylan Evans

Published by Routledge in 1996. Download link updated in 2021.

(.pdf & .epub)

Jacques Lacan was arguably the most original and influential psychoanalytic thinker since Sigmund Freud. His ideas have revolutionised the clinical practice of psychoanalysis and continue to have a major impact in fields as diverse as film studies, literary criticism, feminist theory and philosophy. Lacan’s writings are notorious for their complexity and idiosyncratic style, so this Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis will be invaluable for reading in every discipline where his influence is felt.

Detailed definitions are provided for over two hundred Lacanian terms. Attention is given both to Lacan’s use of common psychoanalytic terms and how his own terminology developed through the various stages of his teaching. Taking full account of the clinical basis of Lacan’s work, the dictionary details the historical and institutional background to Lacanian ideas. Each major concept is traced back to its origins in the work of Freud, Saussure, Hegel and others.

Placing Lacan’s ideas in their context, An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis provides a unique source of reference for both psychoanalysts as is also an ideal companion for readers in other disciplines.

Dylan Evans trained as a Lacanian psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, London and Paris.

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