‘From Marx to Hegel and Back: Capitalism, Critique, and Utopia’ edited by Victoria Fareld & Hannes Kuch

Published by Bloomsury Academic in 2020. Download link updated on 27. June 2021.


The relation between Hegel and Marx is among the most interpreted in the history of philosophy. Given the contemporary renaissance of Marx and Marxist theories, how should we re-read the Hegel-Marx connection today? What place does Hegel have in contemporary critical thinking?

Most schools of Marxism regard Marx’s inversion of Hegel’s dialectics as a progressive development, leaving behind Hegel’s idealism by transforming it into a materialist critique of political economy. Other Marxist approaches argue that the mature Marx completely broke with Hegel. By contrast, this book offers a wide-ranging and innovative understanding of Hegel as an empirically informed theorist of the social, political, and economic world.

Table of Contents

From Marx to Hegel and Back: Toward a Helical Approach, by Victoria Fareld

Part I. Reassessing the Legacy of Hegel and Marx
1. Hegel and Marx: A Reassessment after One Century by Axel Honneth
2. Hegel, Marx, and Presentism by Emmanuel Renault
3. Property and Freedom in Kant, Hegel, and Marx by Jacob Blumenfeld
4. I, the Revolution, Speak: Lenin’s Speculative (Hegelian) Style by Frank Ruda

Part II. Capitalism and Critique
5. Critique in Hegel and Marx by Rocío Zambrana
6. Hegel and Marx on ‘Spiritual Life’ as a Criterion for Social Critique by Frederick Neuhouser
7. Abstract Labor and Recognition by Sven Ellmers
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart: Marx and Hegel on the Materiality of Erotic Bonds by Federica Gregoratto

Part III. Postcapitalism and Utopia
9. Marx’s ‘Hegelian’ Critique of Utopia by David Leopold
10. Where Are We Developing the Requirements for a New Society? The Dialectic of Today’s Capitalism from a Hegelian Marxist Perspective by Eva Bockenheimer
11. Social Freedom beyond Capitalism: Three Alternatives by Hannes Kuch
12. Honneth’s Democratic ‘Sittlichkeit’ and Market Socialism by Michael Nance


Victoria Fareld is Associate Professor of Intellectual History at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Hannes Kuch is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Philosophy, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany.

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