‘Studies in Critical Philosophy’ by Herbert Marcuse

Published by Beacon Press in 1973.


This collection of essays first appeared as ‘Neue Quellen zur Grundlegung des Historischen Materialismus’ in Die Gesellschaft (Berlin) in 1932, as a review of Marx’s newly published Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844.

Table of Contents

Translator’s Note
1. The Foundation of Historical Materialism (1932)
2. A Study on Authority (1936)
I. Luther and Calvin
II. Kant
III. Hegel
IV. Counter-Revolution and Restoration
V. Marx
VI. The Transformation of the Bourgeois Theory of Authority into the Theory of the Totalitarian State (Sorel and Pareto)
3. Sartre’s Existentialism (1948)
4. Karl Popper and the Problem of Historical Laws (1959)
5. Freedom and the Historical Imperative (1969)

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