We Have to Talk About the Protests in Colombia

This clip is an excerpt from the DVD of Žižek! by Astra Taylor (2005).

After we’ve posted an online copy of the recent Open Letter to the Public About the Situation in Colombia here on theoryreader.org, a letter that was signed among many other international public intellectuals by Žižek himself, we (Simon Gros & Daniel Mesa) have decided to produce a cooperative longer political research paper on the topic of censorship today, both (1) in the more general abstract philosophical sense of the term, and (2) especially regarding the specific ongoing political situation in Colombia, both (a) how censorship is working inside the country in efforts to cover up the continuous unrests and protests, and (b) also the way reports on the protests there are themselves being censored in very refined ways across the entire Europe, making people who otherwise tend to report on such issues (media, leftist political parties, activists, etc.) completely unaware of the struggles there.

This post is just a brief announcement of the ongoing project of the forthcoming research paper, currently under the working title of ‘Silence as a Form of Censorship from Europe to Colombia’, which is planned to appear shortly and in trilingual form: English, Spanish and Slovene, although it’s not currently known where it will eventually be published, except of course on theoryreader.org itself.

If anyone would like to contribute to our project in any way, you can contact us at simon.gros.1990@gmail.com (Simon) or daniel.mesab@udea.edu.co (Daniel). If not, you can still help financially by donating to theoryreader.org itself.

Daniel Mesa is an undergraduate student of History at University of Antioquia, Colombia.

Simon Gros is an independent researcher in Maribor, Slovenia and sole editor of theoryreader.org

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