‘Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept’ by Slavoj Žižek

Recorded 23 September, 2014 at the Free Library of Philadelphia and published online on 19 June, 2019.

Slavoj Žižek is the author of dozens of books and articles and the subject of a score of interviews and documentaries, considered to be a leading public intellectual of the 21st century, and a towering figure in Marxist ideology critique, Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, and Hegelian philosophy. Adopting a radical style in his newspaper op-eds and academic works has earned him an international following and relevancy.

In this talk he discusses various notions such as violence, fundamentalism, ideology, political correctness, freedom, etc. His book previously published under the same title as this paper presentation, Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept asks fundamental questions about what is really happening when an event occurs, whether events are interconnected, and if we are really agents of our own fates.

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