Who Comes After the Subject?

Published by Routledge in 1991.


This book is a rare and outstanding thorough foray into a post-humanist future, deconstructing subjectivity in a variety of guises.

Who Comes After the Subject offers the most comprehensive overview to date of contemporary French thinking on the question of the “subject.” Nineteen philosophers and critics offer diverse perspectives on the subject as it has manifested itself in our modern discourses: the subject of philosophy, of the State, of history, of psychoanalysis. Each contribution asks What has become of the subject? or What has the subject become? in the wake of its critiques and deconstructions.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Jean-Luc Nancy
1 Another Experience of the Question, or Experiencing the Question Other-Wise by Sylviane Agacinski
2 On a Finally Objectless Subject by Alain Badiou
3 Citizen Subject by Etienne Balibar
4 Who? by Maurice Blanchot
5 The Freudian Subject, from Politics to Ethics by Mikkel Barch-Jacobsen
6 Voice of Conscience and Call of Being by Jean-Francois Courtine
7 A Philosophical Concept… by Gilles Deleuze
8 “Eating Well,” or the Calculation of the Subject: An Interview with Jacques Derrida by Jacques Derrida
9 Apropos of the “Critique of the Subject” and of the Critique of this Critique by Vincent Descombes
10 Being and the Living by Didier Franck
11 Who Comes after the Subject? by Gerard Granel
12 The Critique of the Subject by Michel Henry
13 Love between Us by Luce Irigaray
14 Descartes Entrapped by Sarah Kofman
15 The Response of Ulysses by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
16 Philosophy and Awakening by Emmanuel Levinas
17 Sensus communis: The Subject in statu nascendi by Jean-Francois Lyotard
18 L’Interloque by Jean-Luc Marion
19 After What by Jacques Ranciere

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