‘Coronavirus, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy: Conversations on Pandemics, Politics and Society’ edited by Fernando Castrillón & Thomas Marchevsky

Published by Routledge in 2021.


Originally published in the European Journal of Psychoanalysis (EJP), the essays in this volume are a set of responses to the coronavirus crisis by distinguished philosophers and psychoanalysts from around the globe.

The coronavirus irrupted making swift and deep cuts in the fabric of our existence: the risks of contagion and indefinite periods of isolation have radically altered the functioning of society. Pandemics do not wait for comprehension in order to proliferate. Confusion, sickness, and death punctuate the failure of governments worldwide to respond. This collection of writings examines the effects of the pandemic and the conditions that make possible such a global crisis. The writers provoke us to consider how capitalism, governmental power, and biopolitics mold the contours of life and death. The contributors in this collection ignite urgent political dialogue, address emergent transformations in the social field and offer perspectives on shifts in subjectivity and psychoanalytic practice. Beyond providing reflections on the impact of the coronavirus, the authors point to determinants of how the crisis will unfold and what may be on the horizon.

This book will be invaluable to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, philosophers, and to all those interested in the implications of the virus for psychoanalytic practice and theory, and the social, cultural and political spheres of our world.

Table of Contents:

Part I – Philosophers Speak
1. Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison [an excerpt] by Michele Foucault
2. A Viral Exception by Jean-Luc Nancy
3. Cured to the Bitter End by Roberto Esposito
4. Riposte to Roberto Esposito by Jean-Luc Nancy
5. The Community of the Forsaken: A Response to Agamben and Nancy by Divya Dwivedi and Shaj Mohan
6. The Virtues of the Virus by Rocco Ronchi
7. The Threat of Contagion by Massimo De Carolis
8. What Carries Us On by Shaj Mohan
9. The Obscure Experience by Shaj Mohan
10. Agamben, the Virus, and the Biopolitical: A Riposte by Zsuzsa Baross
11. A Much Too Human Virus by Jean-Luc Nancy
12. The Return of Antigone: Burial Rites in Pandemic Times by Néstor Braunstein

Part II – Philosophers Act
13. One Health and One Home: On the Biopolitics of Covid-19 by Miguel Vatter
14. The Italian Laboratory – Rethinking Debt in Viral Times by Elettra Stimilli
15. Vitam Instituere by Roberto Esposito
16. Communovirus by Jean-Luc Nancy
17. The Satanization of Man. The Pandemic and the Wound of Narcissism by Sergio Benvenuto
18. A Viral Revaluation of All Values? by Dany Nobus
19. Humanity is Rediscovering Existential Solitude, the Meaning of Limits, and Mortality by Julia Kristeva
20. A Flight Indestinate by Divya Dwivedi

Part III – Psychoanalysts Speak
21. Psychoanalysis Too, Will Never Be the Same by Néstor Braunstein
22. Politics of the Letter (27) Screened Speech is the Foreclosure the Littoral of the Letter by René Lew
23. Hestiation. Our Life After Coronavirus by Sergio Benvenuto
24. The Virus and the Unconscious. Diary From the Quarantine by Sergio Benvenuto
25. Talking Cure by Phone During the Lockdown by Monique Lauret
26. The Truth About Coronavirus by Duane Rousselle

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