‘Classical Philosophy: Collected Papers, Volume 5: Aristotle’s Ethics’ edited by Terence Irwin

Published by Garland Publishing in 1995.


Table of Contents

The Magna Moralia and Aristotle’s Moral Philosophy by John M. Cooper
Quasi-Mathematical Method in the Eudemian Ethics by D. J. Allan

Aristotle and the Methods of Ethics by Jonathan Barnes
On the Alleged Metaphysical Foundations of Aristotle’s Ethics by Timothy D. Roche

Two Conceptions of Happiness by Richard Kraut
Is Aristotelian Eudaimonia Happiness? by J. C. Dybikowski
For Goodness’ Sake: More on Nicomachean Ethics I vii 5 by Troels Engberg-Pedersen
Aristotle on the Best Life for a Man by W. F. R. Hardie
Intellectualism in Aristotle by David Keyt
Aristotle’s Function Argument: A Defense by Jennifer Whiting
Aristotle on the Goods of Fortune by John M. Cooper

Some Remarks on Aristotle’s Moral Psychology by John M. Cooper
Aristotle and the Emotions by Stephen R. Leighton
A False Doctrine of the Mean by Rosalind Hursthouse
Aristotle: Ontology and Moral Reasoning by David Charles
Aristotle on Choosing Virtue for Itself by Richard Kraut

Aristotle on Temperance by Charles M. Young
Magnanimity in Aristotle’s Ethics by W. F. R. Hardie
Aristotle’s Legacy to Stoic Ethics by A. A. Long
The Hellensitic Versions of Aristotle’s Ethics by Julia Annas

Terence Irwin is a scholar and philosopher specializing in ancient Greek philosophy and the history of ethics (i.e. the history of Western moral philosophy in ancient, medieval, and modern times).

Since 2007, he has been the Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Keble College, Oxford. From 1975 until 2007, he was at Cornell University, where he has been Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy and Humane Letters (from 1995), Professor of Classics (from 1992), and Professor of Philosophy (from 1982). Previously, he was Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University (1972-1975). He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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