Comment on the war in Israel & Palestina

Why should we focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and why now?

The ongoing war there strongly resonates with all of the modern conflicts which are occurring all the time within each individual country. It’s also a powerful metaphor for a variety of different problems occuring in the modern era at the level of everyday life. It shows how the Western international calls for peace and the end of violence are a complete fake – the occupier and colonizer of every foreign country always wants peace and an end to the escalation of violence, as that means they won.

All of the most advanced technology employed by different states and digital corporations across the globe for the monitoring and control of their own domestic population are basically continuously being pioneered with the israeli-palestinian situation serving as the basic testing ground for the development of that tech. It’s no surprise that the most advanced spying software that not long ago targeted the main journalistic team of the Al Jazeera international news company was developed in Israel.

It’s even a question for me if Palestina still exists at all in any meaningful sense of the term today. I claim that what is happening there is actually that in reality the state of Israel already has de facto ownership and control of the entire territory (a two-state solution thus now being a long forgotten promise), with what was previously understood to be the Palestinian population of two million people basically reduced to an underprivileged class within the modern state of Israel, and what is happening is that now those two million people are in a very strange situation where they’re expected to abide by the foreign religious laws and the legal system of their formal occupier, that is, their official enemy.

Simon G.
11. May 2021

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