‘Practical Philosophy from Kant to Hegel: Freedom, Right, and Revolution’ edited by James A. Klarke & Gabriel Gottlieb

Published by Cambridge University Press in 2021.


Scholarship on Kant’s practical philosophy has often overlooked its reception in the early days of post-Kantian philosophy and German Idealism. This volume of new essays illuminates that reception and how it informed the development of practical philosophy between Kant and Hegel.

The essays discuss, in addition to Kant, Hegel and Fichte, relatively little-known thinkers such as Pistorius, Ulrich, Maimon, Erhard, E. Reimarus, Reinhold, Jacobi, F. Schlegel, Humboldt, Dalberg, Gentz, Rehberg, and Möser. Issues discussed include the empty formalism objection, the separation between right and morality, freedom and determinism, nihilism, the right to revolution, ideology, and the limits of the liberal state. Taken together, the essays provide an historically informed and philosophically nuanced picture of the development of post-Kantian practical philosophy.

James A. Klarke is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York. He has published several articles on Fichte and Hegel. He is a member of the editorial board of the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, with responsibility for translations.

Gabriel Gottlieb is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Xavier University. In addition to publishing multiple articles on Fichte, he is the editor of Fichte’s Foundations of Natural Right: A Critical Guide.

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