An Evening with Slavoj Žižek: “Antigone, How Dare We!” | Copehagen DOX

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29th April 2021—Experience a conversation between iconic philosopher and cultural critic, Slavoj Žižek and film director Jani Sever.

In relation to Sever’s documentary film ‘Antigone, How Dare We!‘, which is a part of this year’s programme at CPH:DOX, the two discuss the Greek myth of Antigone and how it relates to the current struggles of EU with migrant crises, Brexit and rising populism.

The conversation is moderated by Deadline journalist Steen Nørskov. It is part of the An Evening With talk series, with international artists, scholars and activists centering on the potential of facilitating change through art, knowledge and engagement. This year the series will focus on solutions to global crises – including but not limited to the current pandemic – and the role of art and activism in this effort.

An Evening With is presented together with Normann Copenhagen.


Antigone is the story of power struggles, fratricide and wounded pride. In other words, the ancient tragedy by Sophocles is an immortal topic. And who could be better to adapt it to our chaotic times than Slavoj Žižek?

In the documentary film ‘Antigone, How Dare We!‘ the Slovenian philosopher casts politicians and decision-makers in all roles in his adaptation of the Greek drama and lets it mirror today’s Europe. Is the rebellious Antigone an image of today’s populism or a much-needed rebellion against the system? Žižek and the cast confront the ancient but eternally relevant dilemmas that the story of Antigone continues to place us in.

Based on motifs from The Triple Life of Antigone by Slavoj Žižek, this film reflects on today’s planet and political “chaos” by placing the politicians, the decision-makers and the influencers of today in the roles of Žižek’s version of the ancient Greek drama Antigone. But what are the politicians roles? Does the Antigone of today represent populists, anti-migrants and fundamentalists, or those who would oppose them?

Best Documentary award, Best Editing award, Best Actor award and Special Jury Prize – 23rd Festival of Slovenian Film 2020, Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2020, Trieste Film Festival 2021.

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