Symposium on Gabriel Tupinambá’s ‘The Desire of Psychoanalysis’

(facebook live stream)

Daniel Tutt and the Study Groups on Psychoanalysis and Politics organized an online symposium on 7th & 8th May 2021 based around the recent book by Gabriel Tupinambá titled The Desire of Psychoanalysis, released by Northwestern University Press, with some of the world’s best newly emerging leading theorists.

Recognizing how certain theoretical and institutional problems in Lacanian psychoanalysis are grounded in the historical conditions of Lacan’s own thinking can help us overcome these impasses; Tupinambá also analyzes the socioeconomic practices that underlie the current institutional existence of the Lacanian community.

The fourth panel of the event, which features three experimental analytic experiences from Brazil, will take place in Portuguese to be uploaded with subtitles later on YouTube.


FRIDAY, 7th May 2021

(6 hour recording)


Opening and Overview’ by Tutt & Tupinambá
Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Thinking‘ by Agon Hamza
Moderator: Reza Naderi

2) Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Thinking II (3pm-5pm)

Dennis Yao: Towards a Theory of Generic Listening
David Pavón-Cuellar: Jacques-Alain Miller, his enjoyment and the desire of psychoanalysis
Samo Tomšič: The Politics of Working Through
Moderator: Rodrigo Gonsalves

SATURDAY, 8th May 2021


3) New theoretical directions in Psychoanalysis (11am-2.30pm)

Slavoj Žižek: Why I oppose Historicism and Remain a Philosopher
Alenka Zupančič: The Concepts Supposed to Work
Patricia Gherovici: Whose Desire?
Moderator: Daniel Tutt

4) Analytic experiments in Brazil (3pm – 5.30pm) – EM PORTUGUÊS:

Rosimeire Bussola, Paula Jameli e Jefferson Santos Pinto (PerifAnálise)
Anna Turriani e Pedro Obliziner (Margens Clínicas)
Thessa Guimarães (Psicanálise na Rua)
Moderator: Gabriel Tupinambá

Drawing on the flier: Luisa Marques

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