Kant’s Cosmopolitics: Contemporary Issues and Global Debates

Published by Edinburgh University Press in 2019.


Advances the conversation about Kant’s cosmopolitan concerns for global co-habitability and ideas for publicising a universal condition of public right. This book provides a new and important set of examinations of Kant’s cosmopolitanism and its implications for Kantian inspired cosmopolitics. Written by a group of international scholars, the essays in this collection investigate issues related to the interplay among the state and global governance, peace and human rights enforcement, migrant crisis management, European federalisation, global educational reforms and Kantian-based ideas for fostering what some might call a ‘cosmopolitan culture’. As a result, this book advances the field of Kantian cosmopolitanism and how it relates to current debates in political theory, philosophy and the study of international relations.

Garrett Wallace Brown is Professor of Political Theory and Global Health Policy at the School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds.

Áron Telegdi-Csetri is an independent researcher based in Cluj-Napoca, an alumnus of the New Europe College, Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest.

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