‘Philosophy, Theology, and Hegel’s Berlin Philosophy of Religion, 1821-1827’ by Philip M. Merklinger

Published by State University of New York Press in 1993.


This book examines Hegel’s contribution to the debate about the relationship between philosophy and theology, reason and faith. Merklinger locates the debate within the philosophy of religion, displaying that there is a need for philosophy to enter into dialogue with, and to reflect upon, the contents of theology.

Utilizing the critical editions of Hegel’s Berlin Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, Merklinger substantiates this insight by tracing dialectically the development of Hegel’s notion of the philosophy of religion through the 1821, 1824, and 1827 lecture-series on religion.

Not only does Merklinger demonstrate that philosophy needs to incorporate theology in its thinking, but he also establishes that such incorporation means that the philosophy of religion will be a continuously developing mode of reflection. Merklinger notes this developing philosophy of religion can, for Hegel, only take place through dialectical interaction with the leading theologies and theologians of one’s time.

Philip M. Merklinger was Associate Professor of Philosophy at Augustana University College

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