‘The Infinite of Force, Hegel and the Philosophy of History’ by Michalis Tegos

Published by Atropos Press in 2017.


We shall seek to unveil that instead of stumbling upon the indissoluble salt of truth of materialism, while pondering idealist abstractions, Hegel articulated the necessity of the unity of the two, their fusion in a theory of action, of an absolute idea – in a theory of the Subject. The Infinite of Force, in Hegel’s Science of Logic, describes the end of the opposition between interior and exterior – idea and matter – as an opposition.

Tracing from the origins of the dialectic in Ancient Greece, through German Idealism and Marxism, to contemporary French Thought, The Infinite of Force offers a challenging re-appropriation of Plato, Hegel and Marx, enabling us to think of Philosophy as the dialectical movement between theory and practice; the relation between the History of Philosophy and the Philosophy of History. In between Hegel and Badiou – Divine, historical necessity and pure hazard – to conceive of Logic as the place of a cut, as an Evental site.

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