‘The Reception of Paul the Apostle in the Works of Slavoj Žižek’ by Ole Jakob Løland

Published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

(.pdf & .epub)

This is the first book devoted entirely to exploring Žižek’s peculiar kind of Paulinism. It seeks to provide a full map of the Marxist philosopher’s interpretations of Paul and critically engage with it. As one of several radical leftists of European critical thought, Žižek embraces the legacy of an ancient apostle in fascinating ways. This work considers Žižek’s philosophical and political readings of Paul through the lens of reception history, and argues that through this recent philosophical turn to Paul, notions of the historical and philosophical are reproduced and negotiated anew.

Ole Jakob Løland holds a doctoral degree in Theology from the University of Oslo, Norway. Løland has co-authored books and published articles on the reception history of the Bible and its wider cultural and political function in modern contexts. He serves as a minister in the Lutheran Church of Norway.

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