‘Kant and the Philosophy of History’ by Yirmiyahu Yovel

Published by Princeton University Press in 1980.


Yovel’s major work on Kant.

“When I first read Yirmiyahu Yovel’s marvelous book on Kant and the Philosophy of History almost twenty years ago, I learned how one should approach the task of interpreting classical texts: Starting from the identification of a central problem in a philosopher`s writings, one must try rearrange the elements of the proposed solution until a new idea emerges that goes beyond the original author’s explicit intentions. Because I was extremely impressed by this method the way it was applied to Kant’s systematic thought, I not only became a regular and eager reader of Yirmiyahu Yovel’s publications, but I also tried to emulate this mode of thinking in my own work.”

—Axel Honneth, 2010

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