‘Transcendence: Philosophy, Literature, and Theology Approach the Beyond’ edited by Regina Schwartz

Published by Routledge in 2004.


Why a volume on “transcendence” now? Ironically, while transcendence signals what is beyond—beyond what can be known, represented, or experienced—it has also been linked to unfashionable concepts like presence, being, power, an argument without recourse, an authority beyond reason, the tyranny of the most excellent, the hegemony of the west, and of course, a totalitarian deity, and its fate has suffered with theirs. How transcendence acquired this unsavory reputation is not difficult to figure: crimes have been committed in the name of transcendent principles—principles held beyond question, beyond critique—and even in the name of a transcendent God.


Introduction: Transcendence: Beyond… by Regina Schwartz

  1. A Place for Transcendence? by Charles Taylor
  2. The Birth of the Modern Philosophy of Religion and the Death of Transcendence by Jeffrey L. Kosky
  3. Philosophy and Positivity by Emmanuel Levinas
  4. From the Other to the Individual by Jean-Luc Marion
  5. The Betrayal of Transcendence? by Robyn Horner
  6. Othello and the Horizon of Justice by Regina Schwartz
  7. Unlikely Shadows: Transcendence in Image and Immanence by Thomas A. Carlson
  8. Transcendence and Representation by Graham Ward
  9. Blanchot’s “Primal Scene” by Kevin Hart
  10. Kafka’s Immanence, Kafka’s Transcendence by Mladen Dolar
  11. Walt Whitman’s Mystic Deliria by Christian Sheppard
  12. Sublimity: the Modern Transcendent by John Milbank
  13. The Descent of Transcendence Into Immanence Or, Deleuze as a Hegelian by Slavoj Žižek

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