‘Žižek: A (Very) Critical Introduction’ by Marcus Pound

Published by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in 2008.


Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek is known for his brilliant tendency to weave together theology, psychoanalysis, and politics in a unique fashion to provide stunning commentary on contemporary culture. Assuming little prior knowledge of the controversial philosopher, Marcus Pound provides a general introduction – the first of its kind – to Slavoj Žižeks work as it relates specifically to theology and religious studies. Pound begins by exploring Slavojeks background in Lacan and German philosophy. That exploration is followed by a critical engagement of Slavoj Žižeks concept of God, the mechanics of belief, metaphysics of faith, the role of religious ideology, and why a political act must necessarily assume the form of a religious act. Finally Pound considers the impact of this philosophers work on currently theological thought concerning gift and sacrifice, gender and sexuality, and the politics of inter-religious debate. This introduction, though brief, nevertheless provides a comprehensive account of Slavoj Žižeks theological, political, and psychological lexicon. Pounds work here renders the contours of the philosophers project in clear, accessible terms, perfect for any student of philosophy.

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