‘Fichte: Historical Contexts / Contemporary Controversies’ by Daniel Breazeale

Published by Humanities Press International in 1994.


This collection marks a new era of Anglophone research into the philosophy of J. G. Fichte, both in its historical context and in its relationship to contemporary controversies. Several of the essays demonstrate the relevance of Fichte’s thought to current debates over philosophical ‘foundationalism’. Others address such topics as the relationship between morality and law, the role of the imagination, the connection between self-consciousness and intersubjectivity, the status of language, and the dialectical character of philosophy, and the relationship between philosophy and that of such thinkers as Leibniz, Schelling, Heidegger, and Tugenhat. This volume also includes the first complete bibliography of English translations of Fichte’s writings and of works in English dealing with every aspect of Fichte’s thought, which will prove and invaluable research tool for anyone working in this area.

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