Call for Papers: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Politics

After some brief consideration TheoryReader is opening up to publishing theoretical contributions by its followers and readers.

Anyone interested in sharing their own work here is kindly invited to publish a piece of their own writing on the platform. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, if you’ve never published anything anywhere before or if you’re a prolific professional writer, as long as the content fits the following criteria:

1) The content should vaguely fit under either of the three theoretical umbrella terms of philosophy, psychoanalysis or politics.

If for example you wish to share a piece of theological or some other writing instead, that is also permitted, as each of these criteria are flexible and can be discussed for every single contribution.

2) The text is your own work and will be published under your real name.

Translations of theoretical pieces that haven’t yet appeared in English are also permitted, and under certain circumstances work written in any language can be published.

3) Contributions should be between one and five pages in length, which is just a couple of longer paragraphs.

Pieces which are deemed too short might require further elaboration and those of excessive length might be truncated.

4) Contributions are in principle voluntary but will in certain cases be subsidized.

Keep in mind that this is a website funded by a sole individual with very limited resources. Those of you who can financially contribute can donate in order to help the project.

In the case where a monetary compensation for the piece of writing will be rewarded the sum should be between 10€ and 50€ in total. PayPal is preffered, but other forms of transaction can be arranged.

5) As an addition to the written text an appropriate graphic image should be provided to accompany the post, together with a few lines describing the author.

In the case of translations an additional description of the originatory text or its author should be provided.

6) Keep in mind that any request can be refused, that each contribution should be discussed on individual basis and might require additional work.

All contributions should be sent to my personal e-mail address

Thank you in advance

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