‘Violence: Six Sideways Reflections’ by Slavoj Žižek

First published in 2007.

(.pdf & .epub)

Does the advent of capitalism and, indeed, civilisation cause more violence than it prevents? Is there violence in the simple idea of ‘the neighbour’? And could the appropriate form of action against violence simply be to contemplate, to think?

In this passionate plea for awareness, Žižek turns his unflinching gaze on the capitalist democracies we live in. He explores the bloody totalitarian regimes of the last century and that violence which is named ‘divine’.

Drawing on high and low culture, Kant, Lacan, jokes and contemporary cinema, this celebrated academic turned philosophical icon discusses the inherent violence of globalisation, fundamentalism and language in a work that will confirm his standing as one of our most erudite and incendiary modern thinkers.

This is a book poised to set a new agenda for our thinking about violence.

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