‘Sarajevo: State in Time | A story of Laibach & NSK’ by Benjamin Jung, Théo Meurisse


Besieged Sarajevo, 1995.

The inhabitants have now been living under the siege for three years and their daily life has become a nightmare due to the shellfire and the snipers.

While many are joining the fights, another form of resistance is rising: culture allows people to claim their humanity. While listening to a concert, watching a play or a film, people forget the isolation, the noise of the bombs and starvation.

In this atmosphere of humanitarian and artistic emergency, the industrial punk band Laibach and the artists of NSK (“Neue Slowenische Kunst”, New Slovenian Art) traveled across burning ex-Yugoslavia to Sarajevo to proclaim the city as a territory of the NSK State in Time. They performed two shows, brought art exhibitions and gave away passports that helped the locals to get through the blockade imposed on the city.

SARAJEVO: STATE IN TIME gives the floor to those who wrote this history and those who experienced the event, considered as one of the most important of the siege.

Profoundly European and drawing a parallel with the recent struggles the continent is experiencing, the film shows the power of cultural resistance against violence, nationalism and war.

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