‘The Encyclopaedia Logic: The Encyclopaedia of Philosophical Sciences 1 with the Zusätze’ by Georg W. F. Hegel

Published by Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. in 1991. Download link updated on 25. June 2021.


This is the earlier English translation of Hegel’s Encyclopaedia Logic prepared by Theodore F. Geraets, W.A. Suchting & H.S. Harris. It includes a very detailed introduction about Hegel’s usage of German, which not only serves as a guide for translators, but also for the reader to more accurately grasp Hegel.

Also included are a detailed bilingual annotated glossary, very extensive bibliographic and interpretive notes to Hegel’s text, an index of references for works cited in the notes, a select bibliography of works on Hegel’s logic, and a detailed index.

While the new “Cambridge Translation” has technically succeeded this earlier translation as a point of reference, it might still be of use and value to students and scholars of Hegel’s work and German Classical Philosophy in general.

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