‘Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Basic Outline, Part I: Science of Logic’ by Georg W. F. Hegel

Published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. Download link updated on 25. June 2021.


This volume presents the new “Cambridge Translation” of Hegel’s Encyclopaedia Logic (also unofficially sometimes called “the smaller Logic”), which constitutes the foundation of his system of philosophy as presented in his overarching and comprehensive Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences.

Together with his Science of Logic (or “the bigger Logic”), it contains the most explicit formulation of his enduringly influential dialectical method and of the categorical system underlying his thought. It offers a more compact presentation of his method than is found elsewhere, and also incorporates changes that he would have made to the second edition of the Science of Logic if he had lived to do so.

Including helpful introduction and notes, it should be a valuable reference work for scholars and students of Hegel and German Classical Philosophy, as well as for those who are interested in the post-Hegelian character of contemporary philosophy.

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