Hegel and the Human Spirit: Jena Lectures on the Philosophy of Spirit (1805-6)

Published by Wayne State University Press in 1983. Download link updated on 26. June 2021.


Hegel’s lectures on the philosophy of spirit, based own lecture notes, with marginal additions, sometimes containing no more than headings or points to be elaborated in the lecture room. The preface and commentary take up 81 pages and the translation of the text just over one hundred.

First published by Hoffmeister as Jensener Realphilosophie II in 1931 by the Felix Meiner Verlag, have exercised considerable influence on German and Anglo-Saxon interpretation of his political philosophy. Among the writers who have analyzed them to greater or lesser degree have been Lukacs, Marcuse, Habermas, Avineri, Plant, Taylor, Cullen and H.S. Harris.

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