‘G.W.F. Hegel: Critical Assessments’ by Robert Stern | 4 Volumes

Published by Routledge in 1993. Download link updated on 27. June 2021.

(.pdf – 4 volumes)

G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831), arguably the greatest philosopher of the nineteenth century, decisively influenced the direction of all subsequent European thought. Variously understood as a theist and an atheist, a conservative and a liberal, an essentialist and a proto-existentialist, a rationalist and an irrationalist, the ambiguities of Hegel’s position mean that `interpreting Hegel means taking a stand on all the philosophical, political and religious problems of our century’. (Merleau-Ponty).

This collection of writings on Hegel reflects the many-sided nature of Hegel’s reception from 1831 onwards, and also offers critical studies on the full range of his work. The four volumes incorporate the classic readings of Hegel, from both the continental and analytic traditions, and also include the central twentieth century readings of his work. Each volume is provided with a clear and helpful introduction which sets the articles in their historical context and highlights the central philosophical issues that they raise.

Table of Contents:

VOL. I – Nineteenth-Century Readings

1. General introduction / Robert Stern
2. Introduction / Robert Stern
3. Hegel (1824) / Johann Amadeus Wendt
4. Extract from On the History of Modern Philosophy (1833-4) / F.W.J. Schelling
5. Extract from Concluding Unscientific Postscript (1846) / Sören Kierkegaard
6. Towards a critique of Hegel’s philosophy (1839) / Ludwig Feuerbach
7. Extract from The Trumpet of the La.st Judgment over Hegel the Atheist and Antichrist: An Ultimatum (1841) / Bruno Bauer
8. Extract from Critique of Hegel’s Doctrine of the State (1843) / Karl Marx
9. Extract from Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts (1844) / Karl Marx
10. Extract from The Logical Question in Hegel’s System (1843) / Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg
11. Extract from Hegel and his Times (1857) / Rudolf Haym
12. The dialectic and the principle of contradiction (1871) C.L. Michelet
13. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind (1870) / Karl Rosenkranz
14. The Science of Logic (1870) / Karl Rosenkranz
15. Extract from The Secret of Hegel (1865) / J.H. Stirling
16. Extract from The General Principles of the Philosophy of Nature (1848) / Johann B. Stallo
17. Extract from Hegel’s Logic: A Book on the Genesis of the Categories of the Mind (1890) / W.T. Harris

VOL. II – Late Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Readings: From British Hegelianism to the Frankfurt School

18. Introduction / Robert Stern
19. Extract from Hegelianism and Personality (1887) / Andrew Seth
20. Darwin and Hegel (1890) / D.G. Ritchie
21. The changes of method in Hegel’s dialectic (1892) / J. Ellis McTaggart
22. Time and the Hegelian dialectic (1893-4) / J. Ellis McTaggart
23. Extract from The Philosophical Theory of the State (1899) / Bernard Bosanquet
24. Nominalism versus realism, and What is meant by’ determined’ (1868) / W. T. Harris and C. S. Peirce
25. Kant and philosophic method (1884) / John Dewey
26. Extract from Thought and Reality in Hegel’s System (1910) / Gustavus Watts Cunningham
27. Extract from Lectures on Modem Idealism (1919) / Josiah Royce
28. Extract from A Pluralistic Universe (1909) / William James
29. The reform of Hegelian dialectic (1912) / Giovanni Gentile
30. Extract from What is Living and What is Dead of the Philosophy of Hegel (1907) / Benedetto Croce
31. The historicism of Hegel and the new historicism (1942) / Benedetto Croce
32. An unknown page from the last months of the life ofHegel (1948) / Benedetto Croce
33. Extract from The Unhappy Consciousness in the Philosophy of Hegel (1929) / Jean Wahl
34. The idea of death in the philosophy of Hegel (1947) / Alexandre Kojeve
35. Hegel, Marx and Christianity (1946) / Alexandre Kojeve
36. Hegel, death and sacrifice (1955) / Georges Bataille
37. The human situation in the Hegelian phenomenology (1947) / Jean Hyppolite
38. On the Logic of Hegel (1952) / Jean Hyppolite
39. Hegel’s existentialism (1948) / Maurice Merleau-Ponty
40. Extract from Being and Nothingness (1943) / Jean-Paul Sartre
41. Speech and writing according to Hegel (1971) / Jacques Derrida
42. Extract from The Young Hegel (1948) / Georg Lukacs
43. Marx’s relation to Hegel (1968) / Louis Althusser
44. Extract from Negative Dialectics (1966) / Theodor W. Adorno
45. Extract from Knowledge and Human Interests {1968) / Jürgen Habermas
46. Labour and interaction: Remarks on Hegel’s Jena Philosophy of Mind (1967) / Jürgen Habermas

VOL. III – Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit and Logic

47. Introduction / Robert Stern


48. Hegel’s phenomenological method / Kenley Royce Dove
49. Hegel’s phenomenological criticism / Robert B. Pippin
50. Dialectic and the rote of the phenomenologist / Wemer Marx
51. Hegel’s image of phenomenology / H. S. Harris
52. Hegel’s Phenomenology as introduction to science / William Maker
53. Foundationalism, holism or Hegel? / David S. Stern
54. ‘Sense-certainty’ and universality: Hegel’s entrance into the Phenomenology / Martin J. De Nys
55. Hegel’s ‘inverted world’ / Hans-Georg Gadamer
56. Hegel’s ‘inverted world’ / Joseph C. Flay
57. Notes on Hegel’s ‘lordship and bondage’ / George Armstrang Kelly
58. Extract from Antigones / George Steiner
59. Hegel’s Phenomenology: an elegy for Hellas / Judith N. Shklar


60. The idea of Hegel’s Logic / Hans-Georg Gadamer
61. Hegel: a non-metaphysical view / Klaus Hartmann
62. Understanding Regel today / William Maker
63. Conceiving reality without foundations: Hegel’s neglected strategy for Realphilosophie / Richard Dien Winfield
64. Hegel’s system as the theory and practice of interpretation / H. S. Harris
65. From Vorstellung to thought: is a ‘non-metaphysical’ view of Hegel possible? / Michael Rosen
66. Transition or reftection / John Burbidge
67. Reftection and contradiction: a commentary on some passages of Hegel’s Science of Logic / George di Giovanni
68. Hegel’s metaphysics and the problem of contradiction / Robert B. Pippin
69. Essence and time in Hegel / Joseph C. Flay
70. Hegel’s theory of the concept / Merold Westphal
71. Hegel’s speculative sentence / Jere Paul Surber
72. Hegel’s two dialeelies / Nancy Shennan
73. The relation of thought and being: some lessons from Hegel’s Encyclopaedia / John E. Smith
74. Hegel’s idealism and Hegel’s Logic / Terry Pinkard
75. Constitution and structure of self-identity: Kant’s theory of apperception and Hegel’s criticism / Klaus Düsing
76. Hegel and idealism / Karl Ameriks
77. Hegel’s concept of Geist / Robert R. Williams

VOL. IV – Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature and Philosophy of Spirit

78. Introduction / Robert Stern


79. Hegel’s philosophy of nature and the structure of science / Gerd Buchdahl
80. A re-interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy of nature / George R. Lucas
81. Hegel’s criticism of Newton / M. J. Petry


82. Hegel’s philosophy of mind / Charles Taylor
83. Hegel’s triadic doctrine of cognitive mind’ / Murray Greene
84. Language and consciousness in Hegel’s Jena writings / Daniel J. Cook
85. Hegel on representation and thougbt / Willern de Vries


86. Freedom and sodal categories in Hegel’s ethics / Terry Pinkard
87. The emptiness of the moral will / Allen W. Wood
88. The Phenomenology: beyond morality / Judith N. Shklar
89. Economic and social integration in Hegel’s politicalphilosophy / Raymond Plant
90. Political community and individual freedom in Hegel’s philosophy of state / Z. A. Pelczynski
91. The dialectic of civil society / K.-H. Ilting
92. Hegel on property and personality / Dudley Knowles
93. Hegel’s critique of liberal theories of rigbts* / Peter G. Stillman
94. Hegel and liberalism / Richard Bellamy
95. Hegel’s ambiguous legacy for modern liberalism / Charles Taylor


96. Hegel’s political theory and philosophy of history / Philip J. Kain
97. Hegel and historicism / Stanley Rosen
98. World history as the progress of consciousness: an interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy of history / Stephen Houlgate


99. The contemporary relevance of Hegel’s aesthetics / Dieter Henrich
100. Extract from Aesthetics and Subjectivity: From Kant to Nietzsche / Adrew Bowie


101. Christianity and secularity in Hegel’s concept of the state / Walter Jaeschke
102. Hegel’s approach to religion: the dialectic ofspeculation and phenomenology / Peter C. Hodgson
103. Hegel’s critique of religion / B. C. Birchall

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