‘The Challenge of Carl Schmitt’ by Chantal Mouffe

Published by Verso in 1997.


A collection of essays concerning Carl Schmitt, edited by Chantal Mouffe.

Carl Schmitt (11 July 1888 – 7 April 1985) was a conservative German jurist, political theorist, and prominent member of the Nazi Party. He wrote extensively about the effective wielding of political power and is noted as a critic of parliamentary democracy, liberalism, and cosmopolitanism. His work has been a major influence on subsequent political theory, legal theory, continental philosophy, and political theology, but its value and significance are controversial, mainly due to his intellectual support for and active involvement with Nazism.

Chantal Mouffe is a Belgian political theorist. She holds a professorship at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. She is best known as co-author of Hegemony and Socialist Strategy with Ernesto Laclau. Their collaborative work is usually described as post-Marxism as they were both politically active in the social and student movements of the 1960s including working class and new social movements.


Introduction: Schmitt’s Challenge
Chantal Mouffe

  1. Carl Schmitt’s Decisionism by Paul Hirst
  2. Carl Schmitt in the Age of Post-Politics by Slavoj Žižek
  3. Carl Schmitt and the Paradox of Liberal Democracy by Chantal Mouffe
  4. Carl Schmitt and ‘World Unity’ by Jean-François Kervegan
  5. Putting the State Back in Credit by David Dyzenhaus
  6. From Karl to Carl: Schmitt as a Reader of Marx by Jorge E. Dotti
  7. Carl Schmitt and Max Adler: The Irreconcilability of Politics and Democracy by Grigoris Ananiadis
  8. Carl Schmitt versus Max Weber: Juridical Rationality and Economic Rationality by Catherine Colliot-Thelene
  9. Political Order and Democracy: Carl Schmitt and His Influence by Ulrich K. Preuss
  10. Carl Schmitt and European Juridical Science by Agostino Carrino
  11. Ethic of State and Pluralistic State by Carl Schmitt

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