‘Speculation: Politics, Ideology, Event’ by Glyn Daly

Published by Northwestern University Press in 2019


Speculation: Politics – Ideology – Event develops Hegel’s radical perspective of speculative thought as a way of reclaiming and revitalizing the sense of the future and its possibilities. Engaging with such figures such as Badiou, Meillassoux, Laclau, Žižek and Jameson, Glyn Daly elaborates the distinctness of speculative philosophy and draws its implications for new debates in areas of science, politics, capitalism, ideology, ethics and the event. In a confrontation with today’s fatalistic milieu, capital emphasis is given to Hegel’s idea of infinity as the intrinsic dimension of negativity within all finitude. Against the modern era’s paradigmatic tendency to externalize social problems in the form of antagonism and Otherness, Daly argues for a renewal of utopian thought based on Hegelian reconciliation and the affirmation of excess as the essence of all being. On these grounds, Daly advances a new kind of political imagination that in speculative terms centres on uncompromising notions of truth and reason.

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