‘Badiou’: A film by Gorav Kalyan & Rohan Kalyan (2018)


Nietzsche wrote that any philosophy is always a biography of the thinker. Alain Badiou’s life suggests that the opposite can also be true.

From his birth in Morocco, to the events of May 1968 in Paris, to his twilight years as a nomadic public intellectual, philosopher Alain Badiou’s own biography is perhaps his most complex and thought-provoking work yet.

With intimate access, Gorav and Rohan Kalyan have produced the first feature-length documentary about one of the world’s great living philosophers.

By addressing the contradictions in Badiou’s life through cinema, the filmmakers confront the inherent contradictions of cinema itself: thought and action, interiority and exteriority, presence and absence. In order to bring a sense of empathy, clarity, and critique to their complex subject, they must ask a question as old as the medium itself: “Can cinema think?”

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