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This website is being constructed purely as a hobby project and is designed, funded and run personally just by one individual. The project is set to be built for a longer period of time. It’s past incarnations (,, etc.), were also at certain moments referenced by larger leftist publishers in the past, for instance the Slovene Mladina or the British Verso, and the hope is the site can be a reliable source of both older publications and recordings of theoretical interest that are still relevant today, as also a source of news about newer developments, with a few posts per day.

The idea is to provide quality material accessible to everyone online, while at the same time safeguarding the files in question, as they may disappear from other sources of the internet, as it happens throughout the years. Most of the material here is not exclusive and can be accessed at other popular online portals, but certain items are, and more of them should begin to appear in the future.

The easiest way to support the site is to send a PayPal donation.

…but you can also at any time send me an e-mail message to if you want to support the site in a different way, like for example through a direct bank transfer, to contact me with a question or any other suggestion regarding the website or its content.

Thank you,
Simon Gros

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