‘A Left that Dares to Speak Its Name: 34 Untimely Interventions’ by Slavoj Žižek

Published by Polity Press, April 24th, 2020

(.epub, .pdf)

Why communism? The greater the triumph of global capitalism, the more its dangerous antagonisms multiply: climate collapse, the digital manipulation of our lives, the explosion in refugee numbers – all need a radical solution. That solution is a Left that dares to speak its name, to get its hands dirty in the real world of contemporary politics, not to sling its insults from the sidelines or to fight a culture war that is merely a fig leaf covering its political and economic failures. As the crises caused by contemporary capitalism accumulate at an alarming rate, the Left finds itself in crisis too, beset with competing ideologies and prone to populism, racism, and conspiracy theories.

A Left that Dares to Speak Its Name is Žižek’s attempt to elucidate the major political issues of the day from a truly radical Leftist position. The first three parts explore the global political situation and the final part focuses on contemporary Western culture, as Žižek directs his polemic to topics such as wellness, Wikileaks, and the rights of sexbots. This wide-ranging collection of essays provides the perfect insight into the ideas of one of the most influential radical thinkers of our time.


Introduction: From the Communist Standpoint

1. 200 Years After: Is Marx Alive, Dead, or a Living Dead?
2. Why Secondary Contradictions Matter: A Maoist View
3. Nomadic Proletarians
4. Should the Left’s Answer to Rightist Populism Really Be a “Me Too”?
5. When Unfreedom Itself Is Experienced as Freedom
6. Only Autistic Children Can Save Us!
7. They Are Both Worse!
8. A Desperate Call for (T)Reason

9. Democratic Socialism and Its Discontents
10. Is Donald Trump a Frog Embracing a Bottle of Beer?
11. Better Dead than Red!
12. “There Is Disorder Under Heaven, the Situation Is Excellent”
13. Soyons Réalistes, Demandons l’Impossible!
14. Catalonia and the End of Europe
15. Which Idea of Europe Is Worth Defending?
16. The Right to Tell the Public Bad News

17. It’s the Same Struggle, Dummy!
18. The Real Anti-Semites and Their Zionist Friends
19. Yes, Racism Is Alive and Well!
20. What Is To Be Done When Our Cupola Is Leaking?
21. Is China Communist or Capitalist?
22. Venezuela and the Need for New Clichés
23. Welcome to the True New World Order!
24. A True Miracle in Bosnia

25. For Active Solidarity, Against Guilt and Self-Reproach
26. Sherbsky Institute, APA
27. Welcome to the Brave New World of Consenticorns!
28. Do Sexbots Have Rights?
29. Nipples, Penis, Vulva … and Maybe Shit
30. Cuaron’s Roma: The Trap of Goodness
31. Happiness? No, Thanks!
32. Assange Has Only Us to Help Him!

33. Is Avital Ronell Really Toxic?
Yes, it’s really about power!
Two general concluding remarks on the Ronell case
34. Jordan Peterson as a Symptom … of What?
The art of lying with truth
A reply to my critics
A concluding note on my debate with Peterson

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